TTi Traduco provides professional sworn translation and authentication services, collaborating with translators of all world languages. There are countless linguistic combinations and the choice of specialised translators allows the agency to optimise delivery times and provide the best solution for any kind of project.

There is a strict translators’ selection which complies with the procedures of our Quality System and the various areas of expertise.
Our staff of mother-tongue translators and interpreters is characterised by precision and promptness.

Some of our main EU and non-EU working languages are: Albanian, Aramaic, Arabic, Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Euskara, Flemish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Macedonian, Mandarin, Moldavian, Montenegrin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Wolof.

Figures like Project managers and Revisers ensure that every translated document is rigorously revised before being delivered.

Individuals who address Ti Traduco receive support and information about translations and authentication procedures of documents to be used abroad.

Companies, professionals and individuals can take advantage of this translation service by contacting the agency at any time, also by email. All requests are answered as quickly as possible.

Documents that can be translated include: user manuals, catalogues, brochures, technical datasheets, contracts, association deeds, statutes, notarial deeds, writs of summons, registry office certificates, divorce certificates, school certificates, powers of attorney, sentences, reports, extracts, Chamber of Commerce certificates, balance sheets, explanatory notes, correspondence, curricula, driving licences, car registration certificates, articles, newsletters, magazines, graduation theses, books, web sites, medical certificates, medical records or any other public or private document.

We rigorously comply with the confidentiality and privacy of the processed documents.

The sworn translation service at the Courthouse, Prefecture and Public Prosecutor’s office guarantees the validity of the authenticated documents inside and outside the national territory.


Professional interpreters are chosen by Ti Traduco depending on the area of expertise and experience gained in various interpretation modalities:

Liaison interpreting
Whispered interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting

The preliminary evaluation of every project requires a careful selection of professional profiles and the material to be processed.

Our interpreters work at fairs, conventions, conferences, congresses, meetings and public and private negotiations, also abroad.

The work carried out by Ti Traduco is essential in the implementation of notarial deeds that involve foreign subjects and legally require the presence of a professional interpreter (notarial deeds, real estate buying and selling).

A briefing with the customer allows evaluating the characteristics of the location, service modalities, possible transfers and the number of interpreters required, depending on the service duration.


Ti Traduco educational offer is intended for individuals and companies. Individual courses are held at the offices in Rimini and Bologna.

These language courses are built according to the students’ level and the goals to achieve.

After a brief conversation, our teachers will plan a customised study programme to help student pass university exams or obtain certifications such as DELE, IELTS, KET, TOEFL and more.

Professionals and individuals turn to our agency in order to improve their skills or approach a new language right from the beginning.


Ti Traduco provides daily consultancy service for foreigners, often free of charge, to help them understand the requests of public offices and administrations.

This service includes procedures to obtain taxpayers codes, citizenship, applications for visas and bureaucratic guidance.

Our agency benefits from the collaboration with legal firms to provide answers about specific matters of immigration or other personal procedures.


Through the support of professional technicians, we provide recordings in all languages for audio guides, advertising material, answering services and other requests.

We work with dedication at the recording studio, paying attention to details, voices and sound quality.

We provide voice-overs both in Italian and foreign languages.